Your Story, Your Voice


This course was created by Vivien McKnight and Ron Wheatley


Whether you are asking someone out on a date, going for an interview or giving a presentation of your company’s latest product, you have to give it your best and you can’t do that if your knees are knocking.

Let the power of story change your everyday life.

Choose to Change

Enthusiasm isn’t enough to make change happen faster.
• You’ve been trying very hard to communicate but are feeling frustrated.
• Things are tougher than they should be.
• You are not looking for a quick fix.
• You know that nothing worth having comes easily and you are prepared to do the work to bring about change, yet.
• Your self-confidence has taken a nose-dive, leaving your feeling discouraged and angry.


This highly original eight-lesson, text-based course if for those who would like to increase their public speaking skills and add some unique features, setting them apart and giving them the edge.

The course covers topics such as why using stories is so important today, crafting your own stories as well as how to use acting strategies and techniques which enable you to take ownership of your stories and present them with confidence.

Each of the 8 lessons should take approximately 1h to read, reflect on and make a start on the activities. The activities are central to the course. The deeper you go into them and personalise them, the more benefit you will gain and the greater your success will be in presenting your stories in the wider world.

Public speaking can be anything from giving presentations to asking someone on a date. The skills you will learn on this course are flexible and can be transferred to many life situations.


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