Your Solo Business

The Challenges
What, by definition, is a solo business? As the name implies it is a business run by a single individual. The owner is also the operator, responsible for support functions like correspondence, filing, marketing and sales as well as the primary function of the business like coach or therapist. Solo businesses may outsource certain activities like bookkeeping but are too small because of market share or choice to merit a second employee.

The challenges of running a business solo are numerous; special skills are often required. Not every painter is a great marketer and not every therapist excels at organization.

Your challenge is to focus o what holds value for your clients, generates revenue and meaning for you. It is vital to streamline core activities, expand your potential revenue through products, standardize with systems and automate to liberate your valuable time.

Does it really come down to you?

Yes, you are your own economic engine and only you understand the big picture of what you hope to achieve with your business. How much money do you wish to make? What sort of clients do you wish to serve? How will you make your client’s lives better?

No web designer for hire, or bookkeeper can hold the big picture. The buck stops with you.

The power of one

One has tremendous power. It is the first beat in a bar of music, the start of a countdown and a powerful size for a business model.

When a solo business owner is prepared, working lean and clear on her objectives, great things are possible.

Return to your passion

In a service-based business, when you are providing value for others, it’s easy to lose touch with our place of passion. When we give to others, tapping into our passion refills our well of enthusiasm so me can return to work again and again energized and content.

Conducting our business from a place of personal meaning gives shape and purpose to our day to day but meaning may not ignite us in the same way as connecting to our passion.

What is your passion? Is your business built around it? Is your passion weary? Does it need to be fed? How can you do best for your clients if you are not doing your best for you?

Together we will work at weaving the threads of your personal passion into your solo business.

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