Time Management with Purpose

How to Create More Time

When time is finite how do you create more of it? The simple answer is you take control. You are time’s master and not the other way around.

The key to creating more time is to simplify and streamline by using personal meaning as a prism to sort choices into priorities.

No color-coding, day planner based system is worth anything if you don’t believe in the value of the tasks you are performing. If the tasks don’t serve a purpose that holds meaning and value to you, they will fall away once enthusiasm fades.

Staying up late to binge on new TV series is fun but when we have a major report due in two weeks that could change. The meaning we place on completing that report can determine if we just watch TV or chose to do something else.


What is personal meaning and how does it relate to time?

Simply put, you decide what holds meaning in your life. This is outside of any spiritual or philosophical beliefs you may have. Right and wrong are decided by you in the context of personal meaning.

You chose if recycling holds meaning for you.

Is one-on-one coaching meaningful for you? You decide. You’re in control of the value you place on such decisions.

So how does time management connect to meaning?

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