The Work Smart Solution

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Work Smart Solution - Course

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The Work Smart Solution for Coaches, Therapists & Artists

It doesn’t have to be this hard

Provide better service,
Make more money,
…In less time


Coaching OthersAs a coach, therapist or other solo service provider there are a million things you might do to increase your business and make more money. But there is only so much time and you are only one person. Because time is finite and because you also want time for a life, it’s vital that you make smart decisions about how you use your time and where you focus your attention. The three smartest things you can do are to add automation, streamline with systems, and add well-thought-out products to your services. Learn how to do all three! This class is absolutely crucial to the life and wellbeing of your solo business.


Smart Systems
Smart Automation
Time is Finite but you Control its Impact

Yes, You can!

Boost client value WITHOUT working extra hours

Increase sales WITHOUT liking marketing

Make more money WITHOUT  sacrificing quality

Take more personal time WITHOUT losing money

Ron Wheatley’s The Smart Solo Business Solution is an eight week online guided program designed to streamline, refocus and maximize the value you bring to your clients while allowing you to scale your business. Boost your bottom line by repackaging your services, adding products and automating repetitive tasks.

The game of solo business can feel rigged. To grow you need more clients or need to charge more. When what you sell is your time your business has a ceiling. It doesn’t have to be that way. Clients want solutions and they will pay premium prices to get results that deliver.

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“If you are looking for a Co-Creator, someone with the creative acuity who can attune to your inner vision, virtually cast it into form, and then communicate it to the world, look no further. Ron is your guy. I can’t imagine trusting the spirit of my business to anyone else.” – Magdalen Bowyer, author

Magdalen Bowyer

Solo Business Myths vs Truths

MYTH – Clients want my time – TRUTH – Clients value solutions

MYTH – I need better marketing – TRUTH – Relationships top marketing

MYTH  – I am a brand – TRUTH – You are a person in service to your clients

MYTH – I need a bestseller to succeed – TRUTH – A business hoping for a hit doesn’t last long

MYTH – I can make it on my own – TRUTH – Your clients are the greatest sales resource you have.

MYTH – Social media will save me – TRUTH – Social media is a tool to service your clients

Truth VS Myth
What you can achieve with this product

You Can:

Diversify your revenue streams

Focus on what you enjoy

Boost your bottom line

Automate dull repetitive tasks

Learn when to outsource

Beat the competition

Create more “me” time

Do more good

April Bosshard
“Ron didn’t just help me create a great website, he steered my business ideas into an achievable plan that was better than my first vision. He offers a wealth of applicable knowledge and inspiring insights at every stage of the journey. Not only did he walk me through the practical steps of building a message and media business, he also “held my hand” through some of the inner turmoil that comes with stepping out of a comfort zone to try something new. I felt listened to, encouraged, and cheered on. I will return to Ron again and again as I continue to strengthen and expand my business.” – April Bosshard, Deep Story Design

Program Outline

Week 1. The Challenges of a Solo Business

Week 2. What Are You Really Providing?

Week 3. Time, Time, Time – Freeing Up More of It!

Week 4. Why Products Are as Important as Services

Week 5. Systemizing Your Solo Business

Week 6. Automating Your Solo Business

Week 7. Value-Driven Marketing for Service Providers

Week 8. Running the Well-Oiled Solo Business

Includes email group, weekly private Q&A, resources and support.

Suitable for all time zones and skill levels.




How to Buy and Deadline

Course Dates:
Next Training: TBA
8 weeks

Full Price 485 USD
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The Guarantee

I’m confident you’re going to love my new course. For the past five years I’ve assisted clients, just like you, take their online business to the next level.  You have 30 days to try out Smart Solo Business Solution with no obligation. If you are not satisfied simply email me at to receive a full refund. I want you to have complete peace-of-mind when you take this course which is why I’m offering this worry-free guarantee.

“Ron is an outstanding coach. He has always given me exactly the guidance and support I needed. He has the ability to provide deep insights and to illustrate the various points with specific examples and stories. I have experienced him as being very compassionate, responsible, supportive and understanding. Over the past four years I have gotten to know many coaches and I certainly think Ron is one of the best!” – Marj Penley, counsellor & coach

Marj Penley

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