Premium Business Building Solution

More than a new website, this personalized business building and website solution package provides personal attention, customized to your unique business goals.

 New website? Business stalled? It doesn’t matter your technical skill or business acumen. I’m here to help with the one-on-one attention you’ve been missing.

 For fifteen years I’ve been assisting people, like you, navigate an ever-changing technical landscape so they can fully focus on the decisions that matter to the success of their one-person business. I’ve worked with coaches, teachers, spiritual leaders, therapists, writers, painters and artists of all descriptions and disciplines.

 Building a one-person business is tough. When you work on your own whole days can disappear in connecting business needs to confusing but vital technical details. Wouldn’t it be terrific to have someone in your corner who understands what you’re going through and who can guide you forward?

With this premium solution you get a fresh website, a chance to deepen your understanding of the unique demands of a one-person business, time to develop the tools, and identify key platform elements that make your unique success possible.

 There have been many projects and clients over the years but ultimately everyone wants the same thing: for the confusion to lift, to know they focusing on what matters, access to better tools and to grow their confidence so their horizon goals feel closer, even possible.

 Let me help you.


“Ron is superb at every aspect of the web design process: technical expertise, visioning skills, site functionality, keeping to deadlines, client partnering and everything in between. He can invent your website from scratch and add all the bells and whistles you might want or keep your site elegantly simple. Ron has designed and maintained four websites for me and I have nothing but praise and thanks to offer him. Having Ron as my webmaster has made all the difference in the success of my writing and coaching businesses.”

— Eric Maisel, bestselling author and coach

“Ron didn’t just help me create a great website, he steered my business ideas into an achievable plan that was better than my first vision. He offers a wealth of applicable knowledge and inspiring insights at every stage of the journey. Not only did he walk me through the practical steps of building a message and media business, he also “held my hand” through some of the inner turmoil that comes with stepping out of a comfort zone to try something new. I felt listened to, encouraged, and cheered on. I will return to Ron again and again as I continue to strengthen and expand my business.”

— April Bosshard, author, story coach

Ron is an outstanding coach.  He has always given me exactly the guidance and support I’ve needed. I have experienced him as always being understanding, compassionate, supportive and responsible. Over the past four years I have gotten to know many coaches and I certainly think Ron is one of the best.

— Marj Penley, coach, therapist

After many years as a solopreneur coach, I started to feel that I had to get a grip on my organizational systems to be more productive and less overwhelmed. I started Ron’s class with the hope that I would get solid, actionable information. I got that and much more. Ron has a way to put fresh twists on concepts such as time wasters, value of systems, and mental mindsets that are surprisingly helpful. After just five weeks, I already see a difference in my work flow.

— Coleen Chandler, coach


“If you are looking for a Co-Creator, someone with the creative acuity who can attune to your inner vision, virtually cast it into form, and then communicate it to the world, look no further. Ron is your guy. I can’t imagine trusting the spirit of my business to anyone else.”

 Magdalen Bowyer, author

What’s included?

Each Premium Business Building Solution includes:

  • A new website, designed to current specs and accessible across a a variety of screens.
  • The words and content to fill that site and make it sell.
  • Regular one-on-one coaching sessions with me.
  • A personalized action plan.
  • Customized coaching and personal attention.
  • A richer understanding of core platform techniques.
  • Together we’’ll grow your skills through lessons, conversations, and key projects.
  • A year of email support

With your new crystalized plans we’ll launch your site, and prepare your business to meet its audience.


How does it work?

Once your client intake is complete, and deposit is received, together we will outline a plan. Here’s what a brief outline might look like:

  • Business building and consultation (3 months)
  • Website planning (1 month)
  • Website build & special client projects (1 month)
  • Launch website  and client trainings (1 month)
  • Email support (12 months)
  • Follow-up session to ensure your plans remain on track.

How long does it take?

It takes time to drill down to the bedrock of your business and build up. This is not a discount “quick fix” website.

Typically, the solution takes six months to facilitate the detailed coaching, consultation, and building of your site. If necessary, the timeline can be adjust to twelve months to accommodate travel, product launches, family commitments, etc. With both time frames the amount of worked completed and session numbers will be the same.



No two Premium Business Building Solutions are identical. Each is customized to the individual needs of every unique client.

Gallery Image Jill Segal Ron Wheatley



Working together from a place shared knowledge makes a difference. It allows us to go deeper and maximize the results of our one-on-one time together. Business owners benefit best when they combine a working knowledge of the concepts in “Mastering the One-Person Business” with the one-to-one sessions of the “Premium Website Business Solution”.

Is this the right fit for me?

Is this the right time? Am I ready? Yes!

We have one time, right now. The future won’t make the difficult work ahead less scary. It will simply put it off. Truly committing to your business and investing in yourself can be anxiety inducing. That’s OK.

Bring focus to the fear and meet it with action and you’ll soon be ready to take on the world.

Are you ready to invest and commit to the powerful yet practical step of having a coach guide you forward? Are you ready to be heard? Are you ready to be helped?

I’m here. I’m ready and I think you maybe ready too.

Let’s chat to confirm we’d make a great team. Claim your free consultation by emailing me at

Don’t delay. Availability to the Premium Business Building Solution is strictly limited. Don’t miss out. You deserve this opportunity.