Mastering the One-Person Business

How to Succeed as a Coach, Therapist, Writer, Painter, Yoga Teacher, Tech Consultant, Private Chef or Any Solopreneur

Everything you need to know to make your solo business stand out, function beautifully, and make money

My name is Eric Maisel. I’ve been working as an enterprising writer, therapist, and coach for almost fifty years. I don’t make a fortune but I’ve made $150,000 a year for many years now. And I get to write the books I want to write, coach the clients I want to coach, lead workshops in places like Paris, London, Rome, Dublin, Prague, San Francisco, and New York, and live a life I enjoy living. I want to share with you the ideas, lessons, tactics, and strategies that I’ve learned over the years that I know work.

Ron Wheatley has been my web designer and web consultant for more than fifteen years. In that time, he’s worked with countless coaches, therapists, writers, painters and other solopreneurs to help them translate their vision into website reality, create streamlined and automated systems, navigate social media, and meet their marketing and promoting needs. He’s worked hands-on with people like you and he knows what works – and what doesn’t work.

Ron and I have designed a program that will help you do the thing that you’ve always dreamed of doing, live life on your own terms. Going after that dream is why you’ve taken all those trainings, gotten all those certifications, attended all those workshops, watched all those marketing videos, and engaged in all those efforts that so far haven’t quite added up. Our program will make a difference!

We won’t be telling you how write your novel, whether you should practice cognitive-behavioral therapy or client-centered therapy, whether you should add hot yoga to your yoga teaching, or anything of that sort. Rather, our program is all about how you can become a truly enterprising soloist, have the life you really want, and not have to return to the rat race. We know that being a solopreneur is no walk in the park. We can make that solo journey much easier for you.

Our program includes everything you’ll need to meet the challenges of the solopreneur life.

+ You’ll get 60 useful video lessons that cut right to the chase. Each three-minute video briskly and clearly teaches you one important lesson. The 60 together are a real blueprint for success, a blueprint that you can return to again and again.

+ You’ll get powerful modules on creating and maintaining your solo business, branding yourself and getting known, choosing which products and services to offer, finding new customers, clients and audience members, and everything you need to know to build a business that functions beautifully and really serves your needs.

+ You’ll get valuable bonuses that will help you create and maintain business relationships, master business-related anxiety, and much more.

+ We also have two super-bonuses for you. You get two free online weekend workshops that will really help your business succeed. You get Eric’s “Mastering the Business Mindset” Online Weekend Workshop (available twice a year) and Ron’s “Make My Website Sell!” Online Weekend Workshop (available four times a year). Together, these are a combined $358 value! And they are completely free as part of Mastering the One-Person Business. These alone are worth the price of the program!

You might spend thousands of dollars on a weekend workshop full of promises and upsells. Our program is the real deal. It’s packed with hard-earned information and comes at a cost you can afford. We’ll help you become more enterprising and transform what may currently be a one-dimensional business into something with more variety, spice, and life.

As an enterprising life coach, you might work with individual clients but you might also lead international retreats and consult to business for good pay. As an enterprising painter, you might paint landscapes but you might also lead workshops that you really enjoy and create programs that pay for your studio space. By becoming more enterprising, you’ll put money in the bank! We’ll explain every inch of this and show you how this can work for you.

Are you a painter, yoga teacher, life coach, singer/songwriter, accountant, massage therapist, shop owner, tech consultant, jewelry designer, virtual assistant, software developer, event photographer, app developer, podcaster, tax consultant, tutor, online course creator, grant writer, translator, travel consultant, personal trainer, or some other solo entrepreneur? If you are, this program is for you.


Our program comes with an affordable payment plan and a money-back guarantee. We’ve been doing this for a long time and have lots to share with you. Don’t hesitate – take the leap now!