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Attention is more valuable than money

The most valuable thing in this world is attention. Let that sink in for a moment. Attention is more valuable than money. People pay for attention. Media giants invest millions just to place their message in front of a willing audience. The advertising industry exists to execute the difficult task of gathering and holding your attention.

But there are more messages than media. Our families, causes, strangers, street signs all fight for our attention. Being alone with our thoughts gets harder by the day.

The public’s attention is valuable. Your client’s attention is valuable. Your time, focus and attention should rest on the areas that bring the greatest value for you and your clients.

Don’t squander an opportunity to engage with a poorly conceived message and no value for the user. Their time and your time deserve more.

This is not just a concern for marketing but also for how you use your client’s time.

Be brief, valuable and helpful as possible. Your efforts may be rewarded with more respect for your time.

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