Make My Website Sell!

Make My Website Sell!

Self Study Weekend Workshop

Are you getting the sales you desire? Is marketing a challenge? Do words fail you when you talk about your business? Make My Website Sell! can help. This email based weekend workshop is perfect for writers, non-writers, coaches, and all solo business owners who want greater returns for their valuable time.

If your goal is to grow your business online, this is the starting line you’ve been waiting for. This weekend is the next step for you, your audience and your message.

Websites are hard and endlessly demanding but they can be a powerful ally with sharper focus and a few hours effort. Now, this isn’t an infomercial about plugins or coding. No color selection, no bells, no whistles. No tech to hide behind. Just you, your message and your quest for a better platform. You won’t complete a working website but you will finish with something better… a website that sells. 

Imagine a website that actually connects with your audience, makes an offer and closes the deal? Put an end to the frustration, the not knowing and really connect with your audience. Imagine waking up Monday morning and knowing what to do next! Sounds like a great weekend, don’t you think?

Mastering your message means turbo charging your online real estate by bringing sharper focus to your platform and taking specific action.

If you HAVE a website and a list

If you WANT a website and a list

If you NEED your website and your list to work harder for you then come on-board!

Big budget, small budget. New site or refit. It’s not about the tech it’s about the connection you make with your audience. How is that done? It takes words, stories, a little courage, and a plan. That’s the opportunity offered during Make My Website Sell!

Here’s what you’ll be creating:

  • A great offer with a clear invitation.
  • An outline for a fresh lead magnet.
  • A compelling sales page created in your own voice and tuned for your audience’s ear.
  • Identify a reliable call to action and finish with a friendly close.
  • You’ll polish your service hook,
  • Clarify your story.
  • Up level that elevator speech. 
  • We’ll check in with blogging for value.
  • Outline a plan to build community through newsletter.
  • Write content for the 4 key pages of any website
  • You’ll identify your social media endgame.
  • And set it all in motion by creating next week’s quick effective action plan.

We’ll drill down to the bedrock of your business, choose your marketing objective, and reframe your message for delivery across your platform.

Whether you’re launching something new, or looking to refresh the tried and true, this fun productive weekend will guide you on your personalized  journey to build a better platform.

Voice your message and level up your impact now!


What You Will Need
Everything you need with be contained in the PDF download. Pick the time that suits you best. Create a better website today!