Web Design - Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need a website?

Yes. Yes. Yes. (P.S. yes.)

But what about my Facebook page?

Unless you own the company you don’t decide how Facebook, or any other platform, operates. You need one location, free of distractions, where you are in charge. Your website is that place. All your other social media should link to it.

How long does it take to create a site?

Basic sites can be ready in a month with more advanced or customized work taking three months or more. Extended development time is also possible when travel or work conflicts interfere with client availability.

Will my site work on my phone and tablet?

Yes, the sites I design are built using “responsive design” which places your content in a frame work flexible enough to display on current devices.

Is a website alone enough?

No, but it’s a start. Today’s online world is ever-changing. Many devices. Many mediums. Today we talk more about building online platforms rather than websites. Where once a site could turn your business card into a 24 hour static store front, now we have the dynamic reach of social media and hand held devices to consider.

Social media confuses me. Do I REALLY need it?

Yes, but there’s no need for it to scare you. Social media builds on our basic need to provide value by communication and sharing. We like to be useful to people we care about and people enjoy supporting people they like.

Social media builds relationships as well as being a valuable a business tool.

How much does social media cost?

Most media platforms are free to use. Their value to you grows with the attention you give them. Since your time isn’t free you want to use your energies wisely to gain the most benefit.

What are your prices?

I offer a range of packages to suit a variety of needs. I would be happy to provide you with a confidential quote. I look forward to hearing from you.