Ron Wheatley

Media Coach
Ron Wheatley

A little about me

My speciality is working with creative artists, coaches, clinicians and small business owners to action their dreams.

I coach clients through product launches, media campaigns, website development and ebook creation. I love my work. Awakening individuals to their personal potential gives me a giddy jolt.

Dreams don’t just happen. They take more than enthusiasm. They take a plan. My clients think of me as their “Planner Guy” someone to translate their ideas into a practical forward path. Time has taught me that when you blend passion with meaningful time management you gain a dream catching combination.

I wasn’t always a media coach and web designer. My background is theatre. I’ve worked as an actor, writer, director. I continue to write and compose. I’ve trained as a creativity coach and worked as a theatre administrator. More about me? I sometimes wish for gelato for breakfast and people who always try harder. Working with puppets, developing an animation project, and a guest spot on Coronation Street remain on my bucket list. I endeavour to live green, fail to be perfect and I admire most everyone new. I don’t need to end all injustice but, oh my, I’d like to make an honest dent.