The Jumpstart Solution

The Jumpstart Solution

Has your online business stalled? Is your website letting you down? Do your ideas need a second set of eyes? Are technical issues holding you back? Ready to begin but don’t know where to start? I can help.

For more than fifteen years I’ve been assisting people navigate an ever-changing technical landscape. I’ve worked with coaches, teachers, spiritual leaders, therapists, writers, painters and artists and folks from all walks of life. Let me bring clarity to your project in this powerful, one-on-one ninety-minute coaching and information session.

The Jumpstart Solution is a single session solution that combines consultation, coaching and technical expertise so that you can identify and commit to the next step in your online business journey.

Leave this session feeling heard, empowered, and armed with the essential next steps to move you forward.

Ron Wheatley

Do you have a dream?

Professionals require professional online services and meaningful support. Audience and personal development is a challenging and exciting process. Let your real world success and aspirations move into the online sphere. Extend your reach. Cast your eye to the world. Launch your book, sell your art, share your music, coach your clients, build your business online. All this is possible with planning, support and just a soupçon of know how.

If you’re ready to begin. I’m ready to help.

  • It doesn’t matter if…
  • you don’t understand the web
  • your last project failed
  • your smart phone hates you
  • Facebook is a curse
  • Twitter is a joke
  • you have no audience
  • well a little  audience
  • wish you could get an audience with anyone willing to listen to that great big new idea you can’t get out of your head and into the world.
  • …or maybe you just need someone to map a plan for you or give you a place to start.

Let the overwhelm go. I’m ready to help. Even if you don’t know an Instagram from a telegram, your aspirations can be guided towards a meaningful online business. Success isn’t overnight but hard work does payout. Honest.


How to Succeed as a Coach, Therapist, Writer, Painter, Yoga Teacher, Tech Consultant, Private Chef or Any Solopreneur.

Everything you need to know to make your solo business stand out, function beautifully, and make money.

Are you a painter, yoga teacher, life coach, singer/songwriter, accountant, massage therapist, shop owner, tech consultant, jewelry designer, virtual assistant, software developer, event photographer, app developer, podcaster, tax consultant, tutor, online course creator, grant writer, translator, travel consultant, personal trainer, or some other solo entrepreneur? If you are, this program is for you.


We all need a little support to navigate the unknown. I provide coaching to assist clients with their online and planning needs.


Meaningful time management reduces personal & business stress. I can assist you with your project planning & business systemizations.

Web Solutions

Your website and branding should reflect your online personality. I offer web solutions tailored to your needs, and budget.



Classes & programs await! Fearlessly unleash the power of eLearning and extend your reach, audience and creative brand.

Free Consultation

I offer a free consultation for all new clients. Claim yours now!