Meditate and Make a Difference


ON SALE NOW – “Meditate and Make a Difference”

by Vivien McKnight & Ron Wheatley

Do you feel frustrated and helpless at times?
Do you sometimes feel that your energy levels are at rock bottom?
Would you like to give the world a kick in the pants?


Our new, affordable course Meditate and Make a Difference launches April 1, 2019 to help you with those concerns and more. Over 12 months this innovative and practical program will examine various aspects of our lives. Go deeper, explore how meditation can help you make personal changes, and, bring change to the wider world. This self-paced training is suitable for all schedules and includes special video and audio lessons by Ron and myself. As you work through the materials you will:

• learn more about yourself, why you do the things you do and why these things might be holding you back.
• begin to look at things differently and to make changes in attitude and behaviours
• get more clarity of vision and energy to make change happen

This program builds your skills slowly, powerfully and integrates well into busy lives. Sign up now and make a difference

On Sale Now!
Start Date: April 1, 2019
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This 12 month program is delivered one lesson per week with bonus material appearing regularly.

The program is bundled with additional courses and materials to help you get the most of your meditation practice.


Praise for Vivien & Ron’s Trainings

“I found “How to Ignite Your Creativity” to be a delicious and delightful read. Vivien McKnight provides a feast of guidelines, insights and activities for the creative person. She often flavors her writing with her own unique and creative expression. For example, she says, “part of being creative is to spring clean the inner corners of our minds and get rid of outdated ideas and habits.” Readers of this book will be filled to the brim with useful and valuable recommendations and techniques. – MP

“Ron has a way to put fresh twists on concepts such as time wasters, value of systems, and mental mindsets that are surprisingly helpful. His workbooks and activities are well designed and take you from point A to point B with a minimum of effort.” – Coleen Chandler, Coach

“Ron is an outstanding coach. He has always given me exactly the guidance and support I needed. He has the ability to provide deep insights and to illustrate the various points with specific examples and stories. I have experienced him as being very compassionate, responsible, supportive and understanding. Over the past four years I have gotten to know many coaches and I certainly think Ron is one of the best!” – Marj Penley, counsellor & coach



$99 one time payment or $10/month USD

Please sign up now. Make a difference in your life with this gentle weekly program.