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Ron Wheatley Media Design

I am a creativity coach that specializes in media and design solutions for creatives and solo business owners. I have been a coach for eight years and a web designer for twelve. Over the years I’ve come to realize that clients need more than a website or social media platform. They need the help and support of a coach to translate their dreams into viable web based businesses.

Running a solo business is difficult as many clinicians, therapists, coaches and artists can attest. That is why I created the Smart Business Solution Program.

As a coach, therapist or other solo service provider there are a million things you might do to increase your business and make more money. But there is only so much time and you are only one person. Because time is finite and because you also want time for a life, it’s vital that you make smart decisions about how you use your time and where you focus your attention. The three smartest things you can do are to add automation, streamline with systems, and add well-thought-out products to your services. Learn how to do all three! This class is absolutely crucial to the life and wellbeing of your solo business.

I offer coaching through Creation Year Programs, VIP Days, and hourly sessions, when available. Please contact me for a free twenty minute consultation.

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